Myfedloan Servicing is the platform we designate to handle federal student loan bills and other services on our behalf at no cost to you.

Your loan officer will work with you to provide repayment options (such as income-tested repayment plans and loan consolidation) and help you with other federal student loan-related tasks.

Keep your contact information up to date so myfedloan can help you repay your loan on time. If your situation changes at any time during your loan repayment period, your loan servicer will be able to help you.

Who to contact for myfedloan servicing information

If your loan is for the current or upcoming school year, please contact the school’s financial aid office directly for information on

Myfedloan servicing contact

myfedloan servicing
  • Loan Status

  • Cancellation of all or part of the loan or loan repayment schedule, andThe amount and timing of the loan payments.

  • Only your school's financial aid office can provide this information.

  • If your loan was paid off during the last school year and you are still in school, please keep your contact information with the school and contact the credit bureau when you leave.

  • Withdrawal, Graduate, Enrollment score less than half time, or Suspension

  • Withdrawal, Graduate, Enrollment score less than half time, or Suspension

If you no longer go to school, please contact your credit bureau when you leave.

Myfedloan servicing contact

myfedloan servicing

  • Change your name, address, or phone number;

  • Need help paying back your credit;

  • Have questions about your account; or

  • There are other student loan questions.

  • Below we show you the most used tool to manage your educational loan, you can download them below.

Myfedloan servicing APP

For Google play

FedLoan Student Loans
FedLoan Student Loans
Developer: Avereo
Price: Free


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MyFedLoan servicing has an app available for both iOS and Android.

On the app, you can:

Other interesting features of the myfedloan serviving app that you can count on are:

For more information about your loans, you can view a summary of your loans at a glance or view the details of each loan.

Use Face ID or Touch ID to sign in to your account faster and easier than ever.

Through the app you can view your bills and letters anytime with the new Inbox!

You can schedule a payment, target payments or cancel a deferred payment and so on.

Upload supporting documentation for an Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) plan for faster processing.

Set your due date to the day you know there will be money in your bank account.

See repayment options and estimated monthly payments and upload your documents for an income-driven repayment plan

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